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August 21, 2013 posted by artadmin

Engineered for the Lake House – A Custom Sticks Dining Table

About a month ago, we received a call on our 800# from Patty & Duncan. They explained that they recently purchased their dream vacation home located on the Finger Lakes. They’d always had their eyes on a Sticks table but were waiting for the perfect opportunity. Well, this was it! They had spent some time looking through the Sticks Dining Table Catalog searching for the perfect fit. Engineers by trade, they found themselves analyzing different tables, finding things they liked about certain tables but wishing they could “build their own.”

They were thrilled to hear us say, “absolutely, we can do that for you, this is Artcraft’s specialty.” “Hang on a second, how much more is that going to cost us?” they asked. We were off and running as soon as they learned that the price would be exactly the same as if they had ordered a table just as it was shown.

Our expert design staff listened to their ideas and crafted a plan to design the perfect table “Engineered” for the lake house. For example, they loved the center design from Sticks Dining Table 15682 but wondered how that would work on an Oval Table which is what they decided was best for their space. “No problem, we just reference that design and the artist can adapt the landscape to create the same feel in the oval space.” Within that landscape design, they wondered if there was a way to make it feel more like the area they’d be moving to. “Since the landscape needs to be stretched out a bit, let’s expand the water feature to have the feel of the lake instead. Then, how about you send us a photo of the home, and we can replace the generic house with a likeness of your home on the lake.” Below, you can check out the rest of the order details as they were developed including pictures of the final table (which came out amazing!).

Color & Design:  Reference attached Sticks Dining Table 15682 for starters.

  • Stretch this 4 seasons landscape out to become the center design on the oval table (including the rope border and the color palette)
  • Changes/Additions to the landscape
    • Change the house to a likeness of the clients home (see attached photo)
    • This is located on the Finger Lakes. Please use a likeness of their home as well as expand the water element to be more of a lake setting capturing the feel of their location
    • Add a moose to the landscape. Nothing big. Can almost be slightly hidden or peaking out.
  • Outer Border – reference Sticks Dining Table 956
  • Use the plain Natural Birch outer border as shown here. They love the natural birch look with all the grain pattern
  • Use the transitional floral border  around the outside edge as shown
  • Colors all based on coordination with center design reference
  • Word Border – please make plain oak stain with no color wash  (should contrast the Natural Birch border well)

Words: (list is ranked in order of importance in case there are too many included)

  • Family Names – Duncan, Patty, Hilary, Stephanie, Courtney
  • Be curious, Be independent, Be yourself!
  • Jersey Girls
  • NYC- World Trade Center, Cold Stone, Rent, Wicked, Cats, Altar Boys
  • 143
  • And So On…

Pedestal Design:

  • Reference attached Sticks Dining Table 9086
  • They liked the very bottom board with the wave (coordinate colors with table)
  • Other levels, colors and accents to be coordinated with the table
  • Incorporate some floral element to tie in the border on the top
Custom Sticks Dining Table Sparrell Family

Only 4 weeks later, the they received their table delivery (Shipped for Free!). That same day we saw an e-mail in our inbox with the Subject: Table is gorgeous! They wrote:

“The table arrived and its perfect. Here’s some photos.
Thank you! We love it!
Duncan & Patty”

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