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July 30, 2014 posted by artadmin

From Florida to Utah – A Custom Sticks Table

We received a call on our 800 number from Ronda. She was interested in the idea of having a Sticks table made but didn’t really see anything that met her exactly needs. Ronda was looking at both Sticks Desks & Sticks Sofa Tables because she needed a table that would be used as a Sofa Table behind a couch but also planned to sit at the table and use it as a desk when needed. Most of the Sofa Tables had shelves below that would make it impossible to sit and most were not built with a completely flat top she’d need for a desk surface. Most of the desks were too large and didn’t have that long narrow profile she was looking for.

We’ll she came to the right place! It didn’t take long to explain that these issues would be no problem. We’d take the standard Sticks Sofa Table and make some changes to how it was built in order to accommodate exactly what she needed. First, we’d have it built with a flat top. Then, we’d have it made without the shelf underneath and lastly we’d add some drawers to the apron to make it more function as a desk. Once we had the structure of the table all set, our design staff worked with Ronda to zero in on the colors and design. As always, we had Ronda first start by looking through our Sticks Sofa Table Catalog to hone in on what she liked and maybe didn’t like so much.

Ronda zeroed in on a landscape design she liked. After listening to what Ronda had to say, our design staff keyed in on the idea that her family had spent many years in Florida but now reside in Utah. Instead of including a generic landscape, we encouraged her to make it personal. Why not have the landscape transition from a Florida feel to a Utah feel? She loved it!   This got the creative juices flowing. Ronda even decided to make her special dogs a part of the design. We got to work putting the order details together for the artist. Take a look at what we communicated to the artist and how her awesome table turned out.

Actual Order Placed:
Item: Custom Sofa Table
Built to 60″ x 18″ x 30″
Two drawers as standard on table style SFA022
No Shelf ($100 price drop)
Being used as a desk (so flat top – no reservoir in center)
Make sure apron is at appropriate height for sitting
Color & Design: reference #16417 (see image below) for overall color & design with changes
All the colors are good here. She wants to maintain the dark brown legs and the grey color on the apron wave, the same word border color etc.
Remove design in floral border (surrounding landscape), but leave the plain border in it’s place. In other words, we want the plain border separating the word border and the landscape, leaving out the design currently in that border.
Maintain wave design on apron (There will be drawers there too)
Use the landscape shown for overall 4 seasons reference. But, change it up a bit to transition from FL (on left) to Utah on right – they moved from one to the other.
Make the left a bit more FL by expanding the water feature a bit and including a palm/s and a bit of beach (don’t need umbrella, sand buckets, etc. – just more Fl landscape feel)
Include a Gator in this section
Make the Winter part feel a bit more like UT to include some higher mountains
Include a skier or snowboarder
Include a sign at the base of a mountain to read: Park City
Add a small plane flying in the sky. Husband is a pilot.
Include two small white fluffy Maltese dogs in the landscape somewhere. They should be located together.
Add a cardinal bird somewhere…..her husband just lost his mom and this was a bird special to her
Legs – same background color but drop vine design so the legs are plain. Add small design detail at the
Bottom of the legs like small stripes or something just to anchor the legs since they’ll be so plain.

Words:  words to all be oriented the same directions as seen in 16417
You are my sunshine (to be used on one of the ends)
Cherish Family – Mike, Ronda, Zack, Luke, Jake
Boston Strong
Rest of words are artist choice using standard sayings like, Go out for adventure come home for love – Seize the day, relish the night – Live life to the fullest, etc.

From Florida to Utah A Custom Sticks Sofa Table

Final Table Delivered to Customer:

From Florida to Utah A Custom Sticks Sofa Table From Florida to Utah A Custom Sticks Sofa Table
“Absolutely beautiful! don’t u think?”  –  Ronda

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