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September 4, 2014 posted by artadmin

Grant Massey Studios: Copper & Light

Introducing an amazing artist to the Artcraft Collection: Grant Massey!

Grant Massey Studios Copper and Light Yardlightst

Grant Massey had a long career as a custom building contractor and designer in the Delaware/Maryland beach resort area before returning to an earlier interest of working in metal. While attending the University of Michigan art department in the late 60s, Grant specialized in creating metal and wood sculpture. In 1991 he made his first copper and cedar yardlight from leftover building materials as a housewarming present for his brother-in-law.

A local retailer encouraged Grant to make more lights for resale and to enter local craft shows. Other artist friends gave him guidance in making the decision to pursue his craft as a full-time vocation. After being accepted into several important craft shows in 1992-93, the demand for Grant’s work grew steadily.

Grant Massey Studios Copper and Light Yardlightst

Grant’s line of work now includes a wide variety of indoor and outdoor lamps, garden sculpture and furniture. His pieces have appeared in museums, galleries and private homes throughout the United States and abroad. In 1999 the Department of State purchased one of his mobiles for the new American Embassy in Ottawa, Canada.

His utterly amazing work needs to be seen in person to really be appreciated. They may be small in stature, but don’t call it an accent piece! These lamps stand out on any house or business or along any walkway & are stunning enough to wow even the most seasoned designer (or neighbor). The copper work and fused glass are simply outstanding! Elegant and timeless without being overstated in any way, these pieces will be loved for generations.

Grant Does amazing custom work to-order as well!  Don’t hesitate to ask us how HERE.

Check out his amazing Mobiles as well:

Grant Massey Studios Copper and Light Yardlightst

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