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May 2, 2014 posted by artadmin

Amazing New Summer 2014 Spiritiles from artist Houston Llew!

Houston Llew Spiritiles Summer 2014 Houston Llew Spiritiles New Spring 2014

Just in time for the longer days & beautiful sunshine of Summer: We’re excited to introduce 6 brand new Spiritiles from Atlanta-based artist Houston Llew! Spiritiles are perfect for your home decor with amazing illustrations and indelible sayings like “If love is a rose, I have found my bouquet.” – Robert Burns

Spiritiles are created with Molten Glass on Copper and are collectibles that capture the Spirit of the Enlightened Moment. All the raw materials of Spiritiles are 100% made in USA: the glass comes from the southeast and the copper comes from the southwest. The illustrations are created by hand with colored glass, kiln fired onto copper.

to see the whole collection!


Spiritiles bring luminous icons to life and share timeless stories on their golden sides. Spiritiles are easily wall hung or can stand alone. These wonderful artworks will never fade or tarnish and may be enjoyed in sunny or humid spots where other art may not endure.

Houston Llew Spiritiles Summer 2014

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