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April 5, 2015 posted by artadmin

Artcraft Online’s Newest Artists: Moxie and Oliver!

Introducing Moxie and Oliver!

moxie and oliver leather messenger bagIntroducing Moxie and Oliver!

This spring is already off to a great start! The weather is warming up, the birds are signing, and we’ve brought on some unique new art from a couple very talented artists. Moxie and Oliver combine traditional leatherworking techniques with modern methods to create beautiful and functional pieces of art. From wallets and handbags to guitar straps, watches, and belts, all of their work is crafted with full-grain tooling leather, which holds up against tough use for generations.

Their intricate detailing, folk-art imagery, and subdued use of colors bring and old-school look to their distinctly modern pieces including a wonderful collection of iPhone and iPade cases. All of Moxie and Oliver’s art is crafted in Washington State. Here are a few of our favorites from their collection.

Modern Duomo Messenger Bag

moxie and oliver leather messenger bagFrom the second you lay eyes on the detailing of this messenger bag, you understand the level of artistry that goes into a piece like this. Full-grain tooling leather is the strongest leather available, so it’s perfect for items like messenger bags that will see plenty of wear and tear. The beauty of a piece like this, is that the patina that inevitably forms only adds to its charm. Moxie and Oliver make several different styles of messenger bags, each with its own unique style.

Julia iPad Case

leather ipad caseWe love the look of traditional leatherworking put to use on a modern accessory. This fully-leather iPad case features a beautifully detailed flower on the outside and a silicone insert in the inside to securely hold your device. Again, full-grain tooling leather offers the sturdiest resistance to heavy use. Moxie and Oliver have a number of iPad and iPhone cases with different colors and designs to fit your style.

Scarlet Flask


leather flaskThis flask is the perfect combination of sweet and edgy. The classic American icon of the cow skull is surrounded by wild roses, and it’s all detailed masterfully in gorgeous leather. Flasks make awesome gifts for any occasion, and well-made leatherwork like this will last for generations. We could easily imagine a flask like this becoming a treasured heirloom.

Custom Design Center

If you want to see Moxie and Oliver’s style expressed in a way that’s not listed in their collection, reach out to our custom design center and tell us your vision. Custom engraving, personalized artwork, and more can be brought to life by these talented artists.

What’s your favorite Moxie and Oliver piece? Let us know in the comments below, or find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, or Instagram and let us know!

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