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February 23, 2015 posted by artadmin

Customized Wedding Gifts by Sticks Furniture

custom wedding box for a beach wedding

The Perfect Wedding Gift

Finding the perfect wedding gift isn’t easy. Even when you’re shopping for your closest friends, it can be tough to find a memorable gift that’s personalized just for the bride and groom. Luckily, there are a lot of extremely talented artists who specialize in making personalized items that would make perfect wedding gifts. The tough part is finding the right artist, and finding the right piece for them to customize. That’s why we’re here to help.

sticks wedding box

Finding Inspiration

Newlyweds can use all types of things. From the firmly utilitarian to strictly ornamental, a couple starting their lives together will cherish it all. Take some time and search through our selection of furniture, wall art, table pieces, and more. All of it is crafted by passionate artists who take pride in their work.

When Corey was browsing, he came across a lovely Wedding Box, built by the incredibly popular Sticks furniture makers. Looking at the box, he found the perfect item; a colorful and fun item that is both useful and decorative. But rather than buy the box as-is, he reached out to us to see what kind of customizations he could make. By adding personalized touches, the gift was transformed into something truly memorable.

colorful custom wedding box

Personalized Requests

Corey worked with our Custom Design Center to come up with some unique alterations to the Sticks Wedding Box. He told us the wedding would take place in Laguna Beach, California. He described the couple, and asked that we feature pinks and greens in the bride’s bouquet. He also gave us several sayings he wanted to see in place of the original sayings carved around the outside walls of the box. With a clear vision for what he wanted to see, we presented his request to the artists at Sticks. Their final product surpassed even our own expectations.

The Custom Wedding Box

The final piece was a personalized gift that still maintained all of the color and charm that has made Sticks one of our most popular artists. The married couple stood holding hands by the beach with a pink and green bouquet, just as Corey asked. Around the outside of the box were sayings tailored just for the newlyweds: “See the World” and “Cherish Family and Friends”. A heart with wings was carved onto the front of the lid, and interlocking rings with the wedding date were etched on the inside.

interior custom wedding box

Sticks Furniture at

Sticks is well-known for their colorful artwork. Their furniture and accessories have been growing in popularity since their inception in 1985. As the top Sticks retailer in the country, Artcraft Online has seen a number of impressive custom pieces make their way into the hands of happy customers. Whether you’re looking for a simple alteration to an existing product or a totally unique size and shape, our designers will work with you and with the artists to make your vision a reality.

ArtCraft Online for Your Custom Gift Inspiration

Take a look around our store to gain inspiration for your next gift! Our inventory frequently updates with the newest offers from our talented artists. You can also find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+, so reach out and let us know what you’re looking for!

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