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March 20, 2013 posted by artadmin

It’s Time for a Family Heirloom – A Custom Sticks Grandfather Clock

Grandfathers pass down words of wisdom to their grandchildren. The Raisman family, from Pennsylvania, contacted us about having a custom Sticks Grandfather Clock made that would speak to their family. As we always do, we told them to take a look at some of the Grandfather Clocks Sticks had created in the past for inspiration. Excited to get their custom project rolling, the Raisman’s quickly got back to us with some ideas they’d generated while looking through the catalog. Our expert staff worked with them to make sure their wish list was feasible and helped to develop ideas as to how to best incorporate the items that would speak to their family for generations to come. Here’s how it came together:

Item To Be Constructed:  Sticks Millennium Grandfather Clock

Color & Design:  Reference clock #6837 (pictured below) with the following custom changes:

  • Above the clock face on the door, include the family name:  Raisman
    • Looks like you’d have to remove the leaves there to feature the name. That’s fine if that does need removed
  • Saying to be added to the main body of one side – The secret to life is celebrating the passage of time
    • With no word border on the side, it’s artist choice as to how to incorporate this. It can be in a banner of something in the design. However you choose to work it into the design is fine
  • Saying to be added to the other side of the main body – To everything there is a season
  • Saying to be added to the front door – All because two people fell in love
  • Inside the door where the leaves are add – Heather, I will love you forever. Love Mike
  • Inside shelf backs, add the following icons:
    • Hamsa hand with the word Believe (see lazy susan #4911 for reference)
    • Tree with heart in the middle  (see lazy susan #12605 for reference)
    • Star with heart including Cherish Family & flowers border to left – whole 3 boxes as shown (see lazy susan #4911 for reference)

Some elements brought over from other Sticks pieces:

Custom Sticks Grandfather Clock

Detail of some of the Custom Design Elements Requested by the customer:

Custom Sticks Grandfather Clock


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