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March 27, 2013 posted by artadmin

Bookcase Squared – A Custom Venezia Furniture Story

When we work with clients to design a custom piece of art furniture, there are two basic design concepts that help govern much of the decision making process. First, how do we design a piece that will maximize the clients living space. Secondly, how do we design a piece that meets all the clients needs for storage and function. It’s the balance between these two concepts that can often be a challenge. Venezia Furniture’s unique grid structure along with the studios willingness to build just about anything you can dream of, makes it a designer and client favorite. Check out this custom bookcase recently completed:

Ms. Rubin stumbled upon our showroom in National Harbor and was immediately drawn to the Venezia Horizontal Artist Bookcase.

Venezia Custom Artists Bookcase

She had been searching for a special piece to fill a large space in her living room. She had always hoped to find something artistic and that added some flair to the space but also needed it to be extremely functional to help organize all the clutter in the space. While she loved the piece on the floor, it just wasn’t large enough to fill the 100″ wide space she hoped to fill. This is where American made, handmade furniture is king: We can build it your way. Our designers got to work and put together Ms. Rubin’s perfect bookcase. Here’s how it came together:

We started by presenting a simple grid that could be filled in with whatever drawer and cabinet configuration that would best fit Ms. Rubin’s needs.

Venezia Custom Artists Bookcase

She spent some time considering what she wanted to store and how best to organize it all. Our designers also were able to make several recommendations that made her decision making easier. We also presented all the color options available as the original bookcase referenced wasn’t the right look for her décor. Here’s a peek at finalized designs and color selections:

Venezia Custom Artists Bookcase

About 8 weeks later, this fantastic cabinet was delivered to Ms. Rubin’s home. She couldn’t have been happier. What can we design for you?

Venezia Custom Artists Bookcase

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