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October 13, 2015 posted by artadmin

New Fall Leaves from Dryads Dancing!

Dryads Dancing Fall Leaves

It was the barn for the square dance on Saturday Night.
It was the front porch to rock on.
It was the trim that said the hard work paid off…

The only thing worse than tearing down an old building is not re-using the wood that created it’s beauty.


The amazing artistic team of Margaret Taylor & Simone R. Wilson live by these words and it shows in every gorgeous piece of reclaimed art that they produce.  And these gorgeous Fall Leaves are no exception!

In the south we have such beautiful fall foliage that we were inspired to create leaves with the reclaimed wood. The beautiful antique wood with rich colors makes a statement for anyone who loves nature. If you have ordered or seen the coastal collection these are made in a similar fashion, solid wood back holds the reclaimed wood nice and strong.

Perfect for the front door or porch decorations. Or even inside over the mantle! These gorgeous Fall Leaves are made from reclaimed metal and wood, fitting the spirit of Fall to a T!

Dryads Dancing Fall Leaves

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