Sticks Virtual Custom Design Event
March 18, 2014 posted by artadmin

Quilting a Dining Table? A Custom Sticks Table

Cindy’s a very talented Quilt Artist. Besides making amazing pieces for her clients, she has beautiful custom made quilts hanging in her home. Familiar with Sticks work, she was thrilled to find out Artcraft was having a special Sticks Design Event where she could work with the artist to blend her love for quilting with her need for a unique Dining Table.

We connected Cindy directly with the artist at Sticks. Cindy shared photos of her dining room and talked about some the things she really wanted to see included in her custom design. She was able to watch as the artist sketched out the design she never thought could be possible. Her dream is now dining table reality. Check it out!

Do you want to meet with a Sticks Artist and watch your design ideas become a reality? Register Today!

Check these other examples out from last year’s Sticks Virtual Custom Design Event!



dining_table_01 dining_table_02 dining_table_03 dining_table_04


You’re invited to meet 1-on-1 with a Sticks Artisan and watch your Personalized Design ideas come to life!

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