Sticks Virtual Custom Design Event
March 18, 2014 posted by artadmin

Small Family, Big Dreams – A Sticks Family Plaque

Every time Stephani visited her Uncle’s house, she’d admire a large wooden mural that hung on the wall. She’d always comment to her Uncle about how much she loved it. Years later, when Stephanie got married, her Uncle thoughtfully offered to have a Sticks Plaque of their own made.

When Stephani contacted Artcraft, she had no idea what was possible. First, we let her know we could really help her to create an amazing one-of-a-kind plaque that could capture her new family, their interests, loves and dreams. With the Sticks Design Event 2013 close by, we encouraged her to participate. She did, and the rest is history! Check it out …

Do you want to meet with a Sticks Artist and watch your design ideas become a reality? Register Today!

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family-plaque_01 family-plaque_02 family-plaque_03 family-plaque_04 family-plaque_05
You’re invited to meet 1-on-1 with a Sticks Artisan and watch your Personalized Design ideas come to life!


  • I have some interest in a sticks custom family plaque. I know the perfect place to hang it our home.

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