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August 5, 2013 posted by artadmin

Teetering on excitement! – The Mikutowski Balance Clock is Back.

After being out of production for more than 2 years, the beloved Mikutowski Balance Clock is back! A clock that can’t tell time would certainly be “out of balance.” You wouldn’t think the Japanese Tsunami a few years back could affect something so close to home. Think again! While the beautiful woodworking happens right here in the heartland, the movements (or part that keeps the time) was imported from Japan for the very best quality time piece. After the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in March 2011, the movement maker’s business was forced to close down. Similar movements were being made in China, but quality and prices didn’t compare to the old movement. It was the old movement or bust! We’re so very happy to report that the original maker is back in business once again, producing the same reliable movement you knew and loved! We’ve tested them and can now assure you, these new (old) movements are accurate more than twice a day.

Mikutowski Balance Clock Returns

Designed for today’s home or office these amazing Balance Clocks by woodworker, Mike Mikutowski, standing by balancing on any flat surface. They are remarkably sturdy and make a fantastic gift for a man, employees or clients. Choose from several different exotic woods. 2 Year Warranty on all Quartz Movements.

Mike’s work is well regarded for its quality, craftsmanship, and unmatched attention to detail. And it shows!


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