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September 24, 2013 posted by artadmin

Cartoloji: Oh the Places We’ve Been!

We all know a good souvenir when we see it, and we always feel like we just can’t live without it! But what do we do with our travel memories once we’re back home?  It all seemed like such great stuff, but once you’re home, you find that the hat you’ve been guarding with your life during your trip to Japan doesn’t quite fit with your wardrobe.  Or that your family doesn’t actually like listening to your didgeridoo practice.

Cartoloji Pillows by Bhaval Shah Bell 4

Bhaval Shah Bell understands how powerfully people connect to their favorite places and want something to remember it by — With her Cartoloji art she allows individuals to express their love for where they live, their heritage, or their travels.

Mesmerizing in its simplicity, the Cartoloji Pillow would easily enhance any couch, from California to Massachusetts, to the far reaches of any city in between!

Maybe this year you can celebrate New Years in New York – and never even have to leave your couch!

Cartoloji Pillows by Bhaval Shah Bell 1

Available in various colors and sizes, you can choose from several continents, countries and city prints. Plus, give back to the countries you love – 10% of the sales price is automatically donated to charity projects specific to the map of the country purchased, through the non-profit organization, GlobalGiving.

Cartoloji Pillows by Bhaval Shah Bell 2

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