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May 28, 2013 posted by artadmin

Think Outside the Wedding Registry Box – Say Congrats with Sticks!

Can you remember who gave you your blender or maybe who gifted you and your wife that towel you reached for out of the shower this morning? Didn’t think so. Sure, these are things the couple needs to start their new life together but let’s leave the registries to the masses. @Artcraft, we believe a wedding gift should be creative and inspiring. XOJane agrees on her blog. In fact, she says that of the top 10 Gifts that will earn you an appreciative nod this wedding season, Artwork is numero uno.

I’ve never been married, but I’ve been to my fair share of weddings, which means I’ve also spent a good number of hours scrolling through bridal registries. While registries are thoroughly practical, they also tend to suck the thoughtfulness right out of the gift-giving process, leaving you to wonder whether your dear friends will really cherish that preordained food processor you bought them.

On the flipside, going rogue and gifting something completely uncalled for could land you in Fondue Pot Territory, as the gifter of something that no one wants, needs nor realistically will ever have occasion to use. So where’s the happy medium? I’ll tell you: It’s gifting the happy couple something they didn’t even know that they wanted/needed.

“Top 10 Gifts that will earn you an appreciative nod this wedding season.

1) Artwork.”

So, we made it easy for you. Here’s a great sampling of the top Sticks Wedding Gifts:

Sticks Wedding Gift Ideas

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